Farming techniques in many African countries are steadily improving as a direct result of a number of newly implemented agricultural policies. One of them is the promotion of increased fertiliser usage among rural farmers as a means of enhancing crop yields.

Additionally, ETG makes fertiliser available at affordable prices or as part of a contract farming or input finance program to the farmers the Group purchases produce from.

In 2007, ETG established an in-house brand, Falcon™, to serve the Eastern, Central and Southern African markets. Pioneered in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia, the brand has grown substantially within half a decade to become a highly respected sectoral trade name.

Today, Falcon™ is a brand trusted by farmers in more than 20 African countries, including Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda and Ivory Coast. The brand has grown so significantly that it is now recognised in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and China. Falcon™ agricultural products will be introduced to the Pakistani, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Brazilian markets during 2013.

ETG is well-positioned for processing and the conversion of raw materials. The group has built a Fertiliser Granulation Plant in Beira, Mozambique and will acquire a Blending Plant in Tanzania by 2014, with an anticipated combined annual capacity of 100 000 MT.

The Beira facility is a Compound Blending Plant that is technologically different to other existing bulk blending plants and will be producing all grades of high quality NPK composing a full mix of inputs. Once momentum has been achieved, a roll-out of this model to Tanzania is envisaged.

ETG also operates a bulk blending plant in Zambia to primarily service commercial farmers with niche blends.