Maize is one of ETG’s key trading commodities. We specialize in moving this critical commodity from areas of surplus to areas where supply is unable to meet demand. We trade both white maize (preferred in Africa for human consumption) and yellow maize (stock feeds). Maize is also one of the more prevalent crops grown by small scale farmers. ETG’s experience in this field allows maize farmers to overcome obstacles such as quality, storage and transport by assisting and training farmers with the knowledge they require to transform their farms to flourishing businesses.

Super Ufa is an ETG in-house brand used for the marketing of all Maize related products. ETG has 2 Maize Meal Processing Plants and Mills. Limbe (Malawi) and Kabwe (Zambia) have a combined annual processing capacity of 21,000 MT which is set to increase by 2013. ETG distributed 215,842 MT in Financial Year 2011.

ETG has 87 warehouses in these counties with a combined annual storage capacity of 539,260 MT


We trade all origin wheat (America’s, Australasian, African and European) into Africa where demand is not met by supply or where supply is seasonal. ETG also supplements supply of wheat from its own farming operations. This is a commodity that is growing in its contribution to our overall commodity volumes and bottom line.