Historical Highlights

  • 1967

    Export Trading Company is established in Kenya to market Kenyan and international manufactured goods in East and Central Africa.

  • 1982

    Present owners acquire the company.

  • 1983

    Export Trading Company begins sourcing and marketing agricultural commodities for emergency food relief.

  • 1989

    Agriculture commodities trading becomes the focus of the company.

  • 1992

    Set up of ETC in Tanzania as the head office for the trading business. Investment in storage infrastructure throughout Tanzania to support trading activities.

  • 2000

    The starting year of replication of procurement infrastructure and offices in other African countries.

  • 2004

    Agricultural processing is introduced to the business.
    Fertilizer and rice imports begin into countries of existing operation, for sale domestically or regionally.

  • 2006

    Investment in commercial farming. Acquisition of a rice estate in Tanzania and the largest commercial cereal farm in Africa, located in Zambia.

  • 2007

    Set up of commodities trading and agro-processing operations in India

  • 2010

    Expansion of business activities in existing and new African countries and globally.

  • 2011

    Building a brand for our processed and packaged products.