Founded in 1967 and purchased by its current Directors in 1986, Export Trading Group owns and manages the most vertically integrated agriculture supply chain on the African subcontinent with operations spanning in procurement, processing, warehousing, distribution and merchandising. In addition to ETG’s presence in more than 30 African countries, it is actively present in North America, India, China and South East Asia.

By owning and managing the supply chain from start to finish, ETG is able to move agricultural commodities between regions, strategically matching one area’s market origination capabilities with market consumption patterns in another. Combined with the capacity to store commodities close to their point of origin for extended periods of time along with control over transport and logistics, the Group maximizes synergies and efficiencies at every stage of the value chain continuum.

In FY 2012, almost 1.4 million metric tons of 25 different commodities – including maize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds, edible nuts, coffee, tea, fertiliser and farm implements – moved along the ETG supply chain between 30 countries.

ETG increases local employment and adds value to local economies by investing in mid- and downstream agriculture processing, cleaning and packaging businesses. ETG currently has 26 such plants operating in Africa and Asia, transforming maize, rice, cashew nuts, wheat, pulses, soybeans, sesame seeds, coffee and fertiliser into marketable products for regional and international distribution.

Over the last decade, ETG has invested over US$150m along the supply chain to enhance and develop the commercial capabilities of the continent. So far, ETG has assembled a prominent infrastructure which includes the following:


• 250 year-round procurement and distribution warehouses
• Numerous seasonal procurement centres
• 22 processing facilities
• 3 processing facilities under construction
• 1 depot for containerized cargo at the Dar es Salaam port

India, China and South East Asia

• 51 warehouses
• 4 processing facilities
• 6 processing facilities under construction

With the benefit of thirty years’ experience in Africa, ETG is expanding its proven knowledge and supply chain model into other fast growing regions. Our focus is to continue growing synergies, entrench presence and deepen the value chain through increasing processing initiatives.

With a supply chain linking the world’s fastest growing emerging markets and a sound understanding of how to succeed in those markets, Export Trading Group is well positioned to meet a future that sees dramatic changes in the nature of global agri-business.