Agricultural processing

ETG increases local employment and adds value to local economies by investing in mid- and downstream agriculture processing, cleaning and packaging businesses. ETG currently has 26 such plants operating in Africa and Asia, transforming maize, rice, cashew nuts, wheat, pulses, soybeans, sesame seeds, coffee and fertiliser into marketable products for regional and international distribution. ETG currently has 5 in-house brands:


Seba Foods markets a delicious soybean extrusion product, Tasty Soya Pieces, that is high in protein and affordable from a price perspective. It is manufactured in Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia and forms a first line of defence against protein-deficiency diseases. Other products include Low fat soya, full fat soya and fortified drinks. Plans to invest in a TSP plant are in the pipeline for Harare (Zimbabwe)

Naturz (Pulses)

Naturz is a range of food products in the pulses category that ETG sources in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania for the international market. The category includes pigeon peas, green mung beans, chick peas and theirprocessed derivatives.

Pulses have significant nutritional and health advantages for consumers. Naturz products are high in fibre and protein, yet low in fat, with a zero cholesterol count. They provide iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and otherminerals that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Thus there is a significant demand in malnourished regions of Africa. Another major market is India where the population is mainly vegetarian and pulses are a major source of daily protein intake.

The product range captures and preserves the quality of the fresh produce through scrupulous cleaning, processing, grading and packaging.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, ETG aims to connect small farming communities to its supply chain and ultimately with global supermarket shelves. The Naturz product range will leverage the distribution strength of all countries within which ETG operates and is anticipated to reinforce and extend its global footprint.

Super UFA

Maize is currently milled and sold under the ‘Super Ufa’ brand in Malawi.


ETG currently has 2 cashew processing plants in Mozambique and Tanzania. Cashews are packaged and marketed under the “Korosho” brand to Europe, North America and the Middle East. ETG will be investing cashew processing plants in West Africa.

Falcon (Fertiliser)

In 2007, ETG established an in-house brand, Falcon™ to
serve the Eastern, Central and Southern African markets. Pioneered in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia, the brand has grown substantially to become a highly respected sectoral trade name. Today, Falcon™ is a brand trusted by farmers in almost 20 African countries, including Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda and Ivory Coast. The brand is also recognised in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and China. Falcon™ agricultural products will be introduced to Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka over the course of 2013.

Falcon (Rice)

ETG has rice milling plant in Beira, Blantyre, Kapunga and Mikimi (Tanzania) Hulled Sesame: ETG has sesame de-hulling plant in Mozambique and is currently investing in a sesame de-hulling plant in Addis Ababa. ETG exports high quality sesame to the Middle East.

Corn Soya Blend

ETG’s unique position of supply chain entrenchment throughout Africa and other emerging markets has made it a leader in food aid provision to agencies including the World Food Programme, World Vision, the International Commission of the Red Cross and Norwegian Church Aid.

In addition to supplying maize and pulses, ETG produces Corn Soya Blend (CSB), an important fortified blended product manufactured to prevent and address nutritional deficiencies. CSB is a high protein mix of maize and soybeans and is processed in ETG plants in Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia.