ETG’s success has been strongly influenced by years of experience and expertise in agricultural trade from a local, regional and international perspective on both the import and export sides.

By owning and managing the supply chain from start to finish, ETG is able to move agricultural commodities between regions, strategically matching one area’s market origination capabilities with market consumption patterns in another. Combined with the capacity to store commodities close to their point of origin for extended periods of time along with control over transport and logistics, the Group maximizes synergies and efficiencies at every stage of the value chain continuum.

In FY 2012, almost 1.4 million metric tons of 25 different commodities – including maize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds, edible nuts, coffee, tea, fertiliser and farm implements – moved along the ETG supply chain between 30 countries.

The group’s physical commodity trade is hedged via international commodity exchanges wherever possible.