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ETG African infrastructure includes:

  • Over 300 multi-sized warehouses linked within a hub and spoke two-way flow supply chain
  • Depots for containerised cargo at strategic ports, including Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Mombasa (Kenya), Beira (Mozambique) and Durban (South Africa)
  • 30+ processing facilities - with 14 more under development.
  • Fleets of trucks based across Africa and supported by specialised transport contractors.


A fundamental element of ETG’s success is the procurement of commodities at farm gate level and being able to store stock close to the point of origin until sufficient mass is aggregated to make transportation commercially viable. Our warehousing capacity stands at over 1.8 million MT across 23 different countries.

Southern Africa ETG manages over 713 000 MT storage capacity in Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These include cold storage facilities at Mozambique’s Beira deep water port and containerised storage at South Africa’s Durban deep water port.
East Africa And Horn of Africa The Group controls storage capacity of almost 685 000 MT in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. This includes a containerised cargo at Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam port.
West Africa ETG’s warehousing in West Africa has a combined storage capacity of over 264 000 MT. Storage capacity is being steadily added as trading volumes in this region increase.
China, India and South East Asia ETG manages significant and growing storage capacity in China and India. As our South East Asia footprint grows, we are adding new facilities such as warehousing for coffee in Vietnam.


Our vertically integrated transport function is yet another key facet of the ETG supply chain. By owning and tightly managing our own logistics infrastructure, ETG leverages backward and forward linkages to maximise efficiencies and realise significant cost savings.

We also make our land and sea logistics solutions available to third party customers that are supported by other reputable transport contractors that supply specialised road and rail logistics.


The Group maintains an extensive in-house fleet of trucks for transporting commodities and goods. In addition to our own trucking fleet, ETG has partnered with an associate company that operates more than 300 trucks, trailers, tankers and tippers across more than 7 African countries.

In 2013, ETG acquired a stake in a cross-border logistics company, with 60 heavy and medium trucks servicing the DRC, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Rail A Group subsidiary manages our rail transportation across southern and central Africa.
Waterborne Transport

All our commodities destined for export beyond Africa are handled by ETG clearing agents at the ports we utilise. ETG has long-standing partnerships and agreements with all major shipping lines docking at these ports.

ETG is considering ways of connecting landlocked Malawi and Zambia to the Indian Ocean via Mozambique using the Shire and Zambezi river systems.