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Agri Inputs

Various factors impact food production across Africa – climate change, population growth, reduction of soil fertility and the lack of infrastructure to distribute inputs to farmers and in turn, connect farmer produce to markets. One of the greatest obstacles farmers in Africa face is the unavailability of quality input products to optimize yields. ETG Inputs Holdco Limited (EIHL) addresses this issue through its reliable supply chain, distributing Soil & Crop Specific fertilizers, Vegetable & Filed Crop Seeds, Farm Tools, and Crop Protections to the most remote areas. EIHL's more than 350 depots and Container shops optimize the accessibility of quality inputs at affordable prices and offer a "one-stop-shop" solution, including agronomic services, Training Centers, and R&D Centers to innovate better quality hybrid seed and crop-specific fertilizers for farmers.

Our Shareholder, SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company, is a leading global fertilizer producer, with a portfolio including urea, ammonia, phosphate, and specialized products.

The expertise and support that SABIC AN will bring to our Fertilizer division will strengthen our agricultural inputs supply chain globally.

Our 16 fertilizer blending plants strategically located throughout Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa position EIHL to be a steadfast partner to the farming community.

ETG One Stop Solution App:

A Farmers App that provides a complete sustainable Digital Ecosystem to Agriculture communities.

This app has been designed with to assist agro-dealers and farming communities achieve optimum quality and quantity yield per acre. The app includes user-friendly features like Agri Inputs Information, Live Weather, ETG Agro Doctors, Smart Crop Diagnosis, Falcon Wallets, Spin & Win falcon points, Pest & Disease Alerts, Smart Agronomy & Crop Growing manuals, and One-stop access points (Depots). We are continuously working on many new innovations that will transform the farmer and agro-dealers into agribusiness entrepreneurs, rather than conventional farmers and shopkeepers.

Available on both platforms Android and iOS:

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Pioneered in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia, the brand has grown into a highly respected sectorial trade name. Today, Falcon™ is a trusted by farmers in more than 20 African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and Ivory Coast.

Zambian Fertilizers

Zambian Fertilizers

The state of the art blending facility, located in Lusaka, was commissioned in December 2017. The use of cutting edge technology and the ability to offer niche products specific to the requirements of its customers, have positioned Zamfert to become a market leader in its field.



With the acquisition of Kynoch Fertilizer in 2014, ETG has increased it's inputs offering to include yield enchancing technologies and innovation. The South AFrican based company, establised in 1919, is a leading importer, blender and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers.

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