ETG's proactive response to Covid 19 ETG's proactive response to Covid 19

ETG's proactive response to Covid 19

The effect of Covid 19 has left the world in a state of emergency. Now, more than ever, the need arises for a united front across the globe and to proactively fight against the devastation that these unprecedented times have brought. Millions of already vulnerable people are dependent on the goodwill of public and private sectors. There is a call on every individual and institution to play their part in combatting this pandemic, to remain alert and cautious and more importantly, to show compassion and offer support where possible.

ETG is committed to play its part in preventing the spread of Covid 19.

The group has partnered with various governments and institutions to maximize relief. We have pledged a substantial amount of funds across various jurisdictions and increased our food distribution to areas where it’s needed the most. In addition, we are actively participating in the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and thermometers, throughout Africa.

Our first priority is the physical and emotional health of our employees and we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe working environment. It is with great enthusiasm that we applaud our staff for their ongoing determination and commitment. Their concerted efforts ensured that supply chain for essential commodities across the globe remain uninterrupted and that food parcels reached recipients in a timely manner. We undertake to offer our full commitment and support to our community and will keep steadfast in our drive towards a better, Covid-free future.

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